45 Minutes: Beyonce’s Stylist//Ty Hunter in the CHI


I can’t properly talk about all things Bey Fashion without introducing the man behind the vision:Ty Hunter. As if Ty Hunter needs any shoutout from me BUT Ty Hunter is in CHI CITY PEOPLE this very moment. According to the Insta (@tytryone) he’s filming for the Steve Harvey show set to air December 12th and again in January.

God was speaking to me today through Ty Hunter. I really needed to hear what he had to say and maybe you do to. I spent an embarrassing amount of time on his insta page this morning and in doing so I discovered Ty Hunter was featured in an SBA’s PSA #bizmyway (a millenial outreach initiative called “My Brothers Keeper” featuring up and coming entrepreneurs). Ty Hunter is very captivating in his clear, calm and collected tone. He is truthful and inspiring in his “stepped out on faith” approach. A man whose made his way to Beyonce and beyond to his own clothing line has made a believer out of me.

When asked if he minded being known for his direct attachment to the Queen he said “..but that’s who I am. A lot of times I think people tend to fail because they so quick to have their name just be their name. So eventually the headline will say Ty Hunter on something but I’m ok, you know? I mean, is Michael Jackson’s sister for a long time but now it’s Janet they don’t even say Michael Jackson, its just Janet. So right now I’m Michael Jackson’s little sister.”

So welcome and I hope you find lots of Midwestern hospitality with my few underground suggestions:

Great fancy cocktails: The Violet Hour

Great dancing: The Whistler (Logan) or The Promontory (Hyde Park)

Best Mac n Cheese: Lady Gregory’s (Andersonville)

Still feeling fancy: Sable (North)

Best burger/beer/dive place: Moody’s

One of the best beer places: Revolution Brewery

Best Jazz: The Green Mill Lounge

Check out his insta (knowledge game so strong!) @tytyrone.

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