Freedom//Melissa Harris Perry & Beyonce Slay Us into 2017

Ladies and Gentleman, Melissa Harris Perry:


She slays. All Day.

This GIF above was taken from a now famous segment on her live show on MSNBC which has since been taken off the network. A story worth telling, however, I do not want to focus on that today (you can hear MHP talk about this in her own words here). I want to focus on the story of two Queens converging in this crazy messed up world.

Melissa Harris Perry (otherwise known as MHP) has made it a point to not shy away from progressive, heart centered and captivating politics. She’s known for her slayage because she is brave, super human, intelligent and unapologetic with her voice in the movement towards equality. If I could just go on a 20 minute rant about the brilliance of MHP I would but I know you have laundry and bills to pay. But if you still don’t believe me watch these three videos and tell me different:

Melissa Harris Perry and Bell Hooks (!!!!)

Melissa Harris Perry at the Chicago Humanities Festival (!!!!)

Melissa Harris Perry talking Beyonce (Queen overload. Reboot.)

Right? She’s the real deal.

She is also, as you may know by now, a well known member of the Hive. Known for her Bey-Hive dance moves (WHO RUN THE WORLD?) and repeatedly asking the Queen Bey to grace us with her presence on live television. Sigh, no luck. Now MHP has given us life once more with an article to save us from ourselves: “5 Ways Beyonce Predicted Exactly What Was Going to Happen in 2016.” A beautiful depiction of the depths of lemonade and the call to action it presents.

If you’ve been thinking to yourselves several times a day, “Oh if only we lived in a Bey world” there may still be a sliver of hope.

Beyonce is once again ready to activate her slay machine as long as the hive is ready to receive its blessing and to work hard and grind till we own it. 2017 is taunting us around the corner, beckoning us with the questions: “What is going to happen next?” and “What can I do?”

Well lets take a page from the book of MHP as she guides us through the haunting predictions of Lemonade and the action we all must take now. Here is an excerpt from her article from Elle (link above), just to give everyone a taste of her beautiful lemons into lemonade recipe:

“5. Beyoncé gave us a recipe for getting over it

Beyoncé spent the worst year ever hinting at what was about to happen next, and we mostly ignored her. But she also drew a roadmap so we can navigate our lost selves out of this madness. Read the chapters of Lemonade:

Intuition: Didn’t you know at some point on election night (or much earlier) that Hillary Clinton was not going to win?

Denial: How long did you swim in this river? Did you really think the Electoral College would save you?

Apathy, Emptiness: You are getting the idea now.

But then there is a turn in the tone. “Daddy Lessons” is a track about women recognizing their constitutional rights and standing up for themselves and their families.

This is the beginning of the turn in the album, and the chapter is titled Accountability. The chapters that follow are Reformation, Forgiveness, Resurrection, and Hope. The final chapter is Redemption, where all is made new. No matter how deep the hurt, Beyoncé promises there is a way out together if we are willing to be honest, to work hard, to refuse to compromise our deepest held values, and to stand up for ourselves and for other women.

This time we should not ignore her” (taken from, Dec 28, 2016, Melissa Harris Perry)

Where do I sign, MHP?

My last love sentence to MHP is her best quote to date, that always sets me straight. When asked how she personally deals with the overwhelming amount of work there is to do in the fight towards justice, she recalls what her father wrote to her saying, “Chip away. You take up your ax and you chip away.” Leading us to believe we are not the sole saviors of any movement (a good message for all of us white people trying to help but failing miserably) and we are called to do our part. That’s really all we can do.

Daddy Lessons indeed MHP.


Read more on my Bey page Justice//Freedom where I do my best to bring to light the fight that Lemonade calls us to. I am looking for POC and Leaders of the Justice Movement to submit writing submissions on Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Send to or visit my page for more information.


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