45 Minutes//On Fridays We Celebrate Where We Come From

bey-plaid***A commercial break from the current hateration to spread the love of your fashion reinvention because on Fridays we wear our BEYst outfits***

This is for all the girls who take 45 minutes to get ready.

Who are so reckless in their dresses.

This is for all the girls who’ve never been able to make it happen in 45 minutes.

For the girls whose mom told them they only had 5 outfits growing up because they were tired of spending most of the morning in a drag out/rage/doors slamming fight re: outfit choices. Oh Erin, you poor deprived awkward fourth grader.

For every little girl who plans out their outfits for the week and saves the best for Friday.

For all the awkward theatre kids whose costume never made them feel like the “pretty” or “cool” girl on stage but gangly and washed out (No one looks good in a certain shade of brown, just sayin.)

This is for all my 90’s girls who spent way too much time in their rooms trying on different style flower patterned one piece outfit combos, who owned bodysuits, stirrup pants, toe socks, had bad perms, buck teeth, who wore overalls into middle school before it was cool and fake glasses:




Yeah….moving right along…

For the nanny who transitions from spit up, peed on jeans to an opening night of their friends show in a Starbucks public restroom with nothing but a skirt and a prayer.

This is for all the grown women who test skirt heights, who dress all the way up for a house party or third grade graduations, who rock sweat pants and heels, who entertain their intuition and go from there.

And for the men who aren’t afraid of that refined, classy, tailored,outspoken or inspired fashion choice. I see you. I respect you.

And finally for my father for driving me to TJ Maxx when I started crying because I didn’t have anything that went with the coolest, richest girl in school’s birthday party I was *mistakenly*invited to.

For my aunt who took me shopping and bought me my first pair of short overalls with a purple top because she knew things.

For my stepmom about to strangle me for discarding every fashion idea on New Years Eve when I couldn’t find my other black heel throwing off every single one of my potential outfit choices.

This post is for you because you have to love me. Sigh.

OK now onto Bey-things:

I’m going to share one of my favorite fashion pics of Bey that actually spread a worldwide jean matching craze into the lives of everyone:


This was inspiring to me because from the time I was little I distinctly remember my dad telling me (a fashion guy of sorts) that Jeans on Jeans= Blech. Two-of-too similar pairings together doesn’t make sense (the two of too rule). Ok, Dad. Thanks for the heads up. (Marches forward as such).

Fast Forward several years.


Jeans on jeans is actually, if done well, an amazing take on a laid back weekend look. It’s an all american, campfire and whiskey look with a feminine twist. Notice the red lipstick. Did you see her choice of a high button? Did you notice the tucked in nature of it all? The jeans meant for a woman’s body? I would recommend every closet have that go to pair of denim shirt and jeans. Plus you can accessorize the *blank* out of it because its such a clean pairing.

However, one thing I have given up at 30: Jeans that are NOT stretchy. I mean why would I do that to myself? Am I a masochist? Do I look like a 10 year old boy without any hips? No, just no. Give me my stretch please and unless Beyonce sends me a signed pair of Levis: I’m good.

Also, PLAID. Here’s me in plaid with a puppy:


I’ve got a secret artery in my heart that adores a good plaid fabric. Its classic, its clean and it can be sexy. My favorite plaid pairing? A plaid shirt tied at the waist + hip hugging black skirt + my winter boots I bought at salvation army for $10 and a dark RiRi lipstick color. The only thing missing is a log cabin bar with a jukebox like in “Beautiful Girls” (throw in John Cusak for good measure).

Your Friday Takeaway:

  1. Parents can be wrong about denim fabrics.
  2. Find a staple demin anything and you will never regret it.
  3. There is always room for the masculine to be feminine and the feminine to be masculine and at the end of the day: who cares. Twist and bend the rules, as Bey has taught us, to find that perfect look, for that perfect feeling. Aka: I see you plaid shirt and I’m DOING IT.
  4. Never forget where you come from.

And thank you parents and parental figures for putting up with my constant indecisive fashion choices in my quest to find that perfect…something.

Have a great fashion story about where you come from? Send them to eightdegreesofhive@gmail.com

Check out my Grown Woman Page: Fashion//45 Minutes for more fashion-diva-advice. Bring your crowns.


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