Fashion//45 Minutes


…to Get All Dressed Up.

Sunday nights as a kid were always exciting for me. It was when I use to plan out my outfit(s) for the week ahead. Monday through Thursday was just your regular showcasing of my elementary school wardrobe (think a lot of my mom’s shirts and overalls) but Friday was special, exotic, classy & fancy my WOW FACTOR, if you will.

Clothes have always just been important to me. I love fabrics, I love mixing fashion forward with that Jackie O & Michelle Obama class. Clothes have a memory for me.

Beyonce is so inspiring to me as a fashion icon. Unlike other celebrities at her level her confidence is empowering. She gives her FLAWLESSNESS as an anthem and I never leave home without it.


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 Bey Fashion Lesson 101:

Lets start here:


What about this SHOULD work? You not only have a monotone-floral fabric combination but its styled in a hip hop esque-work out gear paired with heels and a gold chain and a hat, a MATCHING hat. This could go soooooo horribly wrong. Also where would you wear this outfit? To church? Running errands on taskrabbit? Or just your average brunch date?

Answer: Anywhere. You can literally wear this anywhere if you are Beyonce.

Beyonce’s beauty is in setting the tone for the future of what Fashion can be and not what it is. She does this because she knows.her.shit. She’s done a fair amount of research and I’m assuming if you own your own privtate jet the world is LITERALLY your oyster (please take me on a flight in your chopper).

However for us peasants down here below, how does this work in real life? I do believe in terms of sex appeal Beyonce has it made. To wear this amongst crowds as you walk down the street should not be forbidden but unless you are headed OUT, we unfortunately do not live in a Beyonce world. Oh the complexity.

However, this outfit excites me as it invites all of us to pair different styles and to work with LOUD fabrics in a sexy way.

Lessons learned:

1.Don’t be afraid to add a FRIDA flower print as a statement piece to any part of your wardrobe.

2.Never forget the power of a gold chain, however loud or simple.

3. Pairing heels with a workout outfit (or overalls might I suggest) not only can make you feel like a #boss, it can make you feel taller and as you walk I pray you hear “FREAKUM DRESS” come loud and clear over your confidence anthem speakers.